Some Projects

Green Space is important to everyone• The Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Evaluation Report November 2015
• CIDA Funded Gender Equity Study
• Port Rowan Wastewater Treatment System Environmental Assessment, Norfolk County
• Norfolk County Biosolids Master Plan, Norfolk County
• Wilmot Industrial Trunk Watermain, Region of Waterloo
• Oxford Pollution Control Plant Expansion Class Environmental Assessment, City of London
• Airport Road Water and Sewage Service Implementation Strategy Class Environmental Assessment, City of London.
• Christmas Spirit Walk, Sprinwater Forest
• An Addendum to The City of Peterborough Class Environmental Assessment for a Wastewater Treatment Strategy and Plant Expansion, Environmental Study Report 1995, City of Peterborough.
• Lead in the development of a Watershed Management Strategy for the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority.
• Project design, compilation and production of an Expert Watershed Contact Reference Book and Television Public Service Announcement for the 12 southwestern Ontario Conservation Authorities.
• CanAdapt multi year grant proposal development in partnership with the Canadian Department of Agriculture and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture to create and maintain the Ontario Hemp Alliance, a non-profit, agri-business organization.
• Pivotal role in the creation and implementation of the 2003 Industrial Hemp Symposium, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and the University of Western Ontario.
• COMRIF Intake 1 and Intake 2; City of Peterborough; and Port Rowan, Norfolk Country