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wcwwaI have always written. From team cheers to master plans my work reflects my own personal style while making sure I am working to the audience. This is list is not exhaustive but I hope impressive with links to a selection of pdf examples.
One item I would have like have posted here was a biosolids meeting announcement for radio that started with the sound of a toilet flushing which was hilarious. Those folks down in Norfolk County were great to work with. That is an important note make – many of these examples were team products.

Project Reports
Annual Reports
Trail Guides
Policy and Training Manuals
A Media Book, cook book and soon a colouring book
Web site copy
Press releases
A CIDA funded Gender Equity Study
Environmental Assessments

Some Samples:

·         The Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Evaluation Report November 2015
·        I Dig Trees Cheer for ReForest London August 2015
·         Neighbourhood Tree Captains are Local Heros – The Londoner September 4 2014
·         Neighbourhood Tree Captain Menu of Activities – March 2014
·         Green is Good for the Neighbourhood – The Londoner October 3 2013
·         Beyond Beneficiaries – Influents Spring 2010
·         Green Space – Municipal World May 2008
·        Tap into your Water – Public Forum 2006
·         Nitrates in Drinking Water – Municipal World 2008
·         Public Ownership of Intake Protection Zones – May 2007
·         No Such Thing as New Water – Municipal World November 2007
·         Biosolids: Implications of Land Application in Ontario – Municipal World August 2007
·         Development of a Biosolids Master Plan – Environmental Science and Engineering November 2006
·         Not Going to Pot – Harrowsmith Country Life 2001
·         Water as a Commodity – Antler River 1998
·         Hemp High – Chatelaine November 1998